Julie Bernier, photographer, writer and painter, owner of Earth Angel Arts, from South Portland MaineHello! I am a fearless dreamer and in 2014 hatched the idea for a business dedicated to spreading LOVE through art and creative projects of all types.

My name is Julie Bernier, I named the company Earth Angel Arts and I am a passionately creative dynamo on a mission to spread more love and joy in the world through creativity and artful projects.  Through my photography, paintings and writing I share parts of my soul and heart with the world, and hopefully make people feel held and understood, see the the natural world around them in a new and unique way and become inspired to jump in and create art of their own.

I learned to love texture, color, pattern and homespun treasures at the hip of my dear French Canadian grandmother who taught me as a little girl to garden, sew, cook, can, crochet, knit, quilt and most importantly to LOVE. Creating beautiful, handmade things to fill my home and share with loved ones is part of the fabric of my very being, and creating original art for Earth Angel Arts and for YOU, dear friend, makes my soul literally sing with joy.

I live by the sea in Portland, Maine with my sweet husband and dear Black Lab and find inspiration all around me in the natural world. All of the home arts my grandmother schooled me in remain constants in my life, providing the glue that keeps me connected and grounded and keeping me open to possibility and wonder. It is with great love and humility that I share myself and my work here with you. I make it a point to give generously to charities whose work inspires and awes me. Please write and tell me your stories of love and connection, suggest charities whose work I should check out, and by all means, send photos of your own artwork as well as photos illustrating the ways you’ve used mine to sprinkle love around your home and your world.