Moving With Intention

Hello, dear friends! There’s been so much movement for Earth Angel Arts this last year and I’m excited to share where we are at and where we are headed. At the end of last year, I had to slow down for a shoulder repair surgery and spent many weeks through the winter walking along the snowy streets between my home and the physical therapy office about a mile or so away several times each week. As I recovered and regained my shoulder mobility, I got very quiet and did a lot of thinking about my art, my intentions and the future of my little business. I allowed myself to stay open to ALL the possibilities.  And I painted and created art almost every day through those winter months as well – art with no rules, no boundaries, no limits and only the intention of moving more deeply into my true creative self and what wanted to be expressed and brought into being through me. What came to life on my canvas both surprised and delighted me, and has resulted in a new series of paintings and products for EAA called “Joyful In Nature.”  I began sharing my paintings on social media in the spring and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Through the summer, I’ve been selling originals, calendars and prints at shows – sometimes alongside the mixed media collage paintings I’m already known for, and at other times giving the Joyful In Nature animals their own space to be seen and appreciated. It’s been spectacular!  Now, with a view toward entering the marketplace in a professional and planful manner to build a sustainable and growable business, I’ve developed two beautiful product lines to offer to gift stores, stationery stores and booksellers around New England and beyond.  The mixed media collage art collection is aptly called “Radiate Sunshine” and along with the “Joyful In Nature” collection, offers matching products so that retailers can pick and choose the items that will best compliment the aesthetic of their stores and hopefully delight their customers.  Each line offers 9 greeting card designs, 12 art print designs (8×8 art in 12×12 mats), 15 gift print designs (4×4 framed prints) and a 5×7 poster calendar set.  And each line also features a couple of special products unique to each style of art as well – like Positivity Postcard Packs for the Radiate Sunshine collection and Celebrate Farming Art Posters for the Joyful In Nature collection.  This coming weekend Michael and I will debut our product lines for gift, card and book store owners at the “New England Made” Wholesale Gift & Specialty Foods Trade Show in Sturbridge, MA. We have a beautiful booth that we designed and built to look like a little SoHo art gallery with all of our gorgeous products displayed along the walls and complimented by two large canvas wraps that sit on either side of our logo on the back wall, announcing with bright, happy colors who we are and what we’re all about.  And what we are all about is SPREADING LOVE THROUGH ART now and forever. It’s been such great fun to watch and experience our customers reacting to each style of art at shows – because each type of work hits the emotions and the heart in a very different way.  The whimsical animal paintings with confident brush strokes in a vibrant color palette truly do bring immediate joy and smiles to young and old alike.  And those who love and return again and again for the soulful mixed media creations continue to connect so deeply with the messages of hope and survival represented in that line of work. So…wow!  We are on the verge of something big and beautiful for Earth Angel Arts.  If you are local, then you MUST visit my solo show & sale at CIA Coffee Shop, 72 Ocean Street, in South Portland where you’ll be delighted to view ALL (or as many as we can fit on the walls) of the remaining Joyful In Nature original paintings from September 15 through October 27.  There’s an Artist’s Reception being held on the evening of Thursday, October 6 from 5 to 7 pm – so come and give me a big hug that night (and meet my amazing husband who is truly the brawn behind everything that gets constructed, hauled, put up and taken down for all of our shows), enjoy a glass of wine and find YOUR joyful nature as you view these happy, sweet paintings of cows and chickens and pigs and sheep and bunnies and frogs and…well…you get the idea. It’s such a pleasure for me to know that my paintings will be up for my neighbors and friends and community here in South Portland (the cafe is down the street from my house) to enjoy as a body of work. And it’s really my debut here in my community as a full-time artist – which is a bit of a switch for many who have known me as “the puppy whisperer” and have been customers at the puppy nursery school I ran for ten years in my back yard. I am continuing to move with intention toward a life and work that closely aligns with my soul purpose here on earth, which I truly believe is to spread more joy in the world through my creativity and to help people connect deeply through the giving of a small gift. I’ve only just begun…and I’m incredibly blessed and grateful to YOU for coming along with me on this journey.  If I don’t see you at the art show or meet you for the first time at the wholesale trade show, I hope you’ll come to one of my fall/holiday retail shows or pop in for a studio visit during my Open Studio Holiday Hours. In the meantime, I’ll be moving with intention toward my dreams and enjoying every step along the way.  Namaste, my friends!

8 thoughts on “Moving With Intention

    • Julie Bernier says:

      Renaissance Angel – I like the sound of that, Ames! You knew I’d be a painter long before I did. When you first suggested that I sit down with a paintbrush, I was so resistant and thought, “She just doesn’t ‘get’ me.” You are most definitely angel-connected and I love that about you! XOXOXO

    • Julie Bernier says:

      Thank you, thank you, Nancy! We are super excited for the next chapter in this adventure. It’s a page-turner, for sure! Xo

    • Julie Bernier says:

      Thank you so much, Nicole! It’s so wonderful to have you in my tribe. Your support and your help with all things techy means so much! Xo

  1. Gypsy says:

    Hi! My name is Gypsy. My dear friend, who’s like a sister to me, lives in So. Portland and goes to CIA. She’s bought a couple of your prints, and is the person who told me about you. I just want to thank you: reading your blog, refreshed the inspiration in me, to return to my photography and my art. Thank you.

    • Julie Bernier says:

      Oh that makes me SO HAPPY, Gypsy!! Thanks so much for writing to tell me about your sister, CIA and the connection with my art. I’m glad you’ll be returning to your art and photography, too. The world needs your joy!! Xo

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