I’m naked like a tree. It’s the only way to be.

—David Gray


IMG_1517Hello, sweet friends and welcome WELCOME to the Earth Angel Arts website and blog. I’m so very glad to be LIVE and to share my art with you! As the days and months click by, I’ll be sharing more and more of my story, my inspiration and of course my ART with you here on the blog. My writing will be a way to connect quickly and share news and excitement and musings and deep thoughts with you, depending on where the butterflies land at any given moment. You know how those butterflies are, right? They’re always flitting here and there, landing for just a moment but delighting us with their soft, fluttery wings and bright flashes of color. That’s just how life has been for me lately – all fluttery wings, brief landings and explosions of color everywhere! Welcome to spring here in New England, for sure. Maybe it’s because we had such a long, cold, snowy winter up here, but gosh…those lilacs were just bursting with color and fragrance and the showy displays of Mother Nature just keep wowing me on a daily basis and fueling my work, my positivity and my life in general.

The show season has begun and I’ve got five shows under my belt so far. People are RAVING about the inspiration decks and sending messages on our Facebook page with gratitude for those daily doses of good love and attitude adjustment. I love the cards myself and keep a little pottery bowl on the counter to pick from daily, just like you. Check out the shopping area for the cards, and the show list if you’re local and want to visit the art tent this summer!

IMG_1524Because I’m so busy selling at shows right now, the offerings on the EAA website will be smaller until October, when things slow down a bit. At that time, I’ll add in all the available ORIGINAL art for purchase directly from the site so all of you around the globe can have first dibs on those! They are selling as fast as I can make them! If you aren’t lucky enough to snag what you want right away, don’t fear….you will likely be able to purchase a print of an original painting down the road a bit.

Very soon, local Maine folks and those coming up to visit or vacation here can find EAA goods at Lisa-Marie’s Made In Maine shops! YES…my very first wholesale account is happening and I am very happy that Lisa-Marie found me at the Old Port Festival and HAD to have my stuff in her stores. She’s got two stores – Old Port in Portland and Front Street in Bath. Check her out at www.lisamaries.com. Very exciting!

About the quote above… In between two days of busy shows this past weekend, I got to see David Gray perform LIVE on the Maine State Pier and I’m so glad I was able to fit everything in and slide into my seat on Saturday night just in time to see the sun setting over Portland and this amazingly talented man belting out some amazing poetry set to music for a very enthusiastic and appreciative crowd. So…this week’s paintings will be inspired by David’s creativity, magic and music. I love the messages behind his work, which are all about loss and love and getting back into life. I was listening to the song that I took the quote from on my way back from art class (I’m learning to paint landscapes in acrylics right now from Mary Brooking – a Westbrook, Maine artist) and I was having this crazy and amazing experience of the world being FULL of light and color and shades of cools and warms and my gosh…I was just on fire and ready to make some new art! Stay tuned for that…

If you’ve not “liked” the Earth Angel Arts page on Facebook yet, please click on over and do so. I post photos of lots of good stuff there regularly and you don’t want to miss out!

I’m also humbled and grateful that the Brave Girls Club featured me on their “daily truth” email this week, which is sent to thousands of readers!! If you’ve not checked out their work yet, here’s the link to their website: http://bravegirlsclub.com/ You’ll want to click around and be inspired by all the good work they are doing around the globe to help girls living in poverty. Truly amazing!!

Again, I welcome you with open arms full of joy and love to the Earth Angel Arts website and blog! I hope you will find what you are looking for here and if not, I hope you will send me a note to tell me what you want and what you need. I look forward to being connected with you!



2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Annie Beckwith says:

    You Rock Julie! I love your inspirational art and proudly hang your pieces at my home and in my classroom! Grateful for your work of spreading joy in the world!

    • Julie Bernier says:

      Love you Annie!!! Thank you for your kind words. I will be posting regularly to this blog very soon… Namaste, my dear sweet friend. XO

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