Hello! Welcome to my website – a place where you can explore my art and product line and find beautiful, heartfelt gifts.

My name is Julie Bernier and I am the artist, product designer and creative magician behind all things Earth Angel Arts. My education and experience in creative writing, experiential art and clinical counseling form the foundation and also the jumping off place for my work. I’ve been creating art since I was a wee girl and have sold my quilts, photography, handmade items and art for as long as I can remember. The current focus of my work is in mixed media collage and acrylic painting with a bold color palette. The act of creating  is first and foremost for my own joy, self-exploration and healing. Art has helped me evolve as a human being and process events in my life, both joyful and painful. The creation process invites me to contemplate and meditate on love, loss, hope and recovery. And then I send my work out into the world to do its work in the lives of others. I like to think that I am helping people deepen their relationships through the giving of a meaningful gift…an item that tells the receiver they are seen, understood and accepted right where they are in that moment.

All of the greeting cards, prints and small gifts on my site were designed by me. I write all of the inspirations on the cards in my decks. I create all the beautiful packaging, and prints of my work are made using photographs that I take myself.

I live on beautiful Casco Bay in South Portland, Maine and I find inspiration all around me in the natural world. I hope you enjoy my work.